AXSG Paper

AxieGold - Have Deep Historical Roots Buried In The Sands Of Time

$AXSG project was then taken over by an initial team often community members all with different backgrounds and skillsets, yet a singular shared goal: to give a bright future to acurrency that has all the potential to become an essential reference and a key actor in both the gaming and NFT fields. AxieGold therefore is more than just a project.It represents the power of a united community and family working together to bring meaningful and lasting economic change to their lives as well as to others in their community.

All services and interactions included within the AxieGold NFT ecosystem will be powered by the $AXSG native currency directly.


Gaming: Evolution and Devolution

AxieGold Games is a set of mini-games, bringing the $AXSG currency to a new level. Upon launch, all ourcommunity will be able to play various games using AxieGold to earn chances to win special NFTs and prizes in our shop.

NFT Marketplace

The NFTs market is still growing and trends to become a key market inthe coming years. Although their limits are not yet defined, it is certainthat these non-fungible tokens will be an easy way to share content online and on the blockchain.AxieGold is first and foremost a community project and this is what prompted us to launch our own online art gallery to showcase the talents of our community. In an era when new technologies are dominating the world, it has become mucheasier to share any creations online, but it is also difficult to gain enough visibility to market yourself effectively.